Droopy eyelid

Blepharoptosis is drooping of the eyelids. It can occur in one or both eyes and affect vision.

Causes include:

  • Muscle – Weakens from age or injury
  • Congenital – born with it
  • Nerve damage
  • Underlying condition ie brain injury, stroke
  • Injury/Trauma
  • Aging
  • Eye rubbing
  • Contact lens use

Surgery involves repairing and tightening muscle to restore vision, eye function and appearance.

DERMATOCHALASIS is usually present with ptosis

Dermatochalasis is eyelid hooding or excess skin of the eyelids. It is a common sign of aging and gives a heavy or tired feeling and look around the eyes.

Caused include:

  • Aging 
  • Family history/genetically predisposed
  • Nerve damage
  • Injury/Trauma
  • Underlying condition i.e. tumour, nerve paralysis
  • Risk factors i.e. smoking, eye rubbing, obesity

Surgery removes excess skin, trimming any fat and restoring a symmetrical upper lid crease. Women can finally reapply makeup to their eyelids!